Saturday, 22 November 2014

Sylvan ware dish M73

Lovely sylvan ware dish dating from the early 1930s. It measures 6 inches in diameter and is glazed in mottled blue, M73.

Twin tone teapots C102

In the less commonly seen twin tone combination of moonstone grey and lime yellow, these large and small tea pots were produced between 1956 and 1957.    Clearly a less popular combination of colours.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Red indian 690

Glazed in red indian this carafe bottle measures 10.5 inches in height.  This shape was produced in 4 different sizes and designed by Claude Smale in the early 1950s.

Lime yellow 714

A hand thrown vase from the mid 1950s glazed in lime yellow and measuring 8 inches in height. The inside is glazed in alpine white.

Sky blue 698

Measuring a huge 15.5 inches in height this hand thrown vase is glazed in sky blue.  From the Sydenham/Read partnership of 1953-1957.

Ice green 725

This, too, is from the same partnership and is glazed in ice green with an alpine white interior.  It is shape number 725 and measures 7.75 inches in height.

Alpine white 710

From the same range this alpine white glazed bottle measures 7 5/8 inches and is shaped number 710.

Black panther 703

From the range of shapes designed for hand throwing by Alfred Read and Guy Sydenham between 1953-1957 this is the smaller size (703) and glazed in black panther with an alpine white interior.  It measures 7 5/8 inches in height.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Everest milk jug

Lovely Everest milk jug with the familiar banding in earthy tones, in three ridges.  Measures 2 inches in height and produced between 1931-1933.  Note the solid wing handle.

Magnolia white spill vase

A small hand thrown spill vase, measuring 4 inches in height.  Glazed in magnolia white with an impressed mark and hand etched number 586.  Simple but effective design from the early part of the 1930s.

Streamline soup coupe, lid and saucer

Rare streamline shape soup coupe dating from the mid 1930s.  This example is decorated with the 'Watkinson' motif designed by Truda Carter and is rarely seen.  It was retailed exclusively through Heal & Son 1936-1940.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Carafe in ice green

Measuring 8.25 inches in height, this mid sized carafe is decorated in ice green glaze.  It is shape number 689 and hand thrown, the ribbing being clearly visible in the photograph.

'Ravioli' pattern plant pot

A small, 3.5 inch plant pot (651), from the Read Sydenham partnership of 1956-57.  The white alpine glaze is decorated in 'ravioli' pattern, code GGP.  The inside is a very pale pink.

Slip cast two holed vase

Free form shape for flower arranging designed by Alfred Read and Guy Sydenham in 1956-57.  This example is decorated in PT simple, commonly referred to as 'butterflies'.  The shape is referenced as number 725.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Robert Jefferson storage jars

From a set of six spice jars and 4 larger storage jars designed by Robert Jefferson in 1963.  The top one decorated in green diamond- reminiscent of 'op art' which was popular at the time.

Miniature cruet set

Rare sepia and mushroom cruet set for one person, probably part of the breakfast in bed set sold in the early 1930s.  For scale, the mustard pot is two inches from base to tip of knop.  Hand incised pattern number and impressed Poole mark to each piece.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Fish ornaments

Picotee glaze effect fish attributed to designs by John Adams around 1936-37 and the modelling of Harry Brown.  Showing two of the models produced they are both coloured with Picotee green and new blue glaze applied with an air brush.  

Everest ware

A variety of Everest ware designed by John Adams between 1930-33. Advertised in the Pottery Gazette in 1933, this distinctive Poole pottery is scarce and characterised by ribbed earthy toned bands and incised bands.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Sylvan ware mug

Large Sylvan ware mug with glaze code M72.  Holds 1 pint.

Collectors' book

A must have for anyone with an interest in the type of Poole Pottery featured on this blog.  The majority of photographs are from my collection.

Tea for two teapot - QWG

From the same Alfred Read designs this small teapot is glazed in black panther and then decorated with hand painted pattern QWG.  Part of a complete 'tea-for-two' service.

Coffee sugar bowl - TQU

This small sugar bowl from a coffee set is decorated with pattern TQU on black panther, from Alfred Read's 1954 designs.

Contemporary patterned large bowl- TOU

These hard to find designs were designed by Alfred Read in 1954 specifically for painting on black panther glazed pieces.  This design is TOU and is on a large 'slop' bowl form a tea set.

Early Poole dish

A very unusual and small Poole pottery dish dating from the late 1920s or very early 1930s.  Measures only 6.5 inches across and is engraved with shape number 874.

Sylvan posy ring with vase

An unusual posy ring with integrated trumpet vase.  This is decorated in sylvan glaze M24 and dates from the early part of the 1930s.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Hot milk jug

Stylised tulip design on a pale pink ground hand painted on this John Adams designed hot milk jug from a coffee set.

Flower arranging block

Block designed for flower arrangements to be placed in a bowl of vase.  Decorated in two different sylvan glazes and dating from the 1930s.

Constellation tea ware (OK)

Tea wares decorated in constellation pattern with terracotta, purbeck and charcoal glazes used to create the abstract pattern.  Designed by Alfred Read.

Ripple tea ware (OV)

This pattern, known as ripple, is painted in purbeck and lemon glazes and was designed by Alfred Read.

Ariadne tea ware (OS)

One of the contemporary designs by Alfred Read from 1953.  This is known as ariadne and features glacier blue and terracotta glazes to form the abstract design.

Shop display sign

Sylvan ware was produced in the 1930s and had a distinctive mottled glaze, usually coded with an M before a number indicating the colour combination.  This sign would have been used in retail displays and as such is a rare survivor,

Candle stick

A simple, but none the less stylish, art deco candle stick glazed in mushroom.  This has the engraved pattern number 343 and is stencilled with mushroom to base.

Dressing table pot

Lovely 2 inch tall pot for the dressing table from the 1930s with a simple hand decorated pattern to the lid.

Cocktail dish with compartments

Art deco styled dish with original handle.  Decorated in cornfield glaze.  The base has red slip over the white earthenware body dating it to the early 1930s. 

Red Pippin Tankard

A one pint tankard from the mid 1950s with the Red Pippin design hand painted to front.  An unusual pattern on a rare piece.  Red Pippin was designed was designed by Ruth Pavely and decorated by Iris Downton in 1957-8.

Sylvan ware ashtray

Pipe shaped ashtray glazed in M24 sylavan glaze and dating from the early 1930s.  Ribbing from the hand throwing can be clearly seen.

Cocktail cup

Magnolia glazed cocktail cup dating from the early 1930s.  Very plain but with a classic deco stepping to the foot rim and flared form to rim.  Measures 2.5 inches in height.

Twin tone colour charts

From the original catalogues of Ernest Baggaley, responsible for the creation of two coloured glazes, a pattern sheet showing how the colours would be applied to the pieces.  These designs date from the 1930s when the iconic twin tone colour schemes were introduced.

Kitchen Jars

White earthenware kitchen jars glazed in blue slip with lettering cut through to the white body.  These date from 1927-28 so are rare and early prices 2 of 5 in my collection.

Everest tea cups and saucers

Exceptionally rare Everest tea cups and saucers glazed in classic 'earthy tones' over raised bands.  Everest ware dates from the early 1930s and is rarely seen.  Note the two different handle designs.