Sunday, 29 November 2009

Contemporary vase in HYL pattern

A Sydenham and Read designed vase from 1956-1957, shape number 725. Handpainted with the 'horizontal rope pattern', HYL designed by Ruth Pavely and Ann Read. The background is alpine white and the interior mushroom pink.

Mist blue & peach bloom vase

A classic baluster shape vase glazed in C100, peach boom & mist blue. This colour combination had a short production run from 1953-1954 so is less commonly seen. This vase measures 7.25 inches in height and has a die stamped shape number 443.

Star wall pocket

An exceptionally rare wall pocket from a range designed by John Adams in the early 1930s. It measures 7 inches point to point. Glazed in magnolia white.

It has the impressed Poole England mark to the reverse and is stencilled magnolia white. The shape number, 883, is hand incised.

Poole Sylvan jardiniere pot

A lovely Sylvan glazed pot measuring 7 inches in diameter.  Hand thrown in the early 1930s the glaze is M38.

The base bears the impressed Poole England mark, a stencilled 'Sylvan ware', and a shape number 179 is hand incised.

Art deco trumpet vase

Designed in the early 1930s by John Adams this vase is 10 inches tall. It is a classic deco shape and is glazed in seagull and sepia (C72).

The base bears the impressed Poole England mark, the sprayer's mark and a hand incised 459.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Contemporary vase 725

Glazed in sky blue this is another unusual contemporary vase from the same design partnership. Measuring 7 3/4 inches.

Freeform vase 720

This freeform vase is glazed in lime yellow and was designed for slip casting by Read and Sydenham between 1956-57.  Measuring 9 inches in height it is an attractive and unusual 50s shape.

Contemporary bottle vases 706 707

Hand thrown vases from the 1950s glazed in black panther glaze. This shapes were designed by Alfred Read and Guy Sydenham between 1953-1957.

The smaller one measures 7 5/8 inches, the larger 10 5/8 inches.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Art deco candelabra

A large and unusual candelabra designed by John Adams and modelled by Harry Brown in the early 1930s.

This example is glazed in pastel pink.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Ariel biscuit barrel

A rare ariel biscuit barrel glazed in pastel yellow. Ariel shaped tableware is scarce and this shape is rarely seen. Designed in the 1930s, the chrome handle is original.

The base is marked with the impressed Poole England mark, shape number 926 and stencilled pastel yellow.

Pastel blue art deco jug

An unusual hand thrown jug dating from the early 1930s and glazed in pastel blue. It measures 6 inches in height.

It has the impressed Poole England mark to the base and a hand incised 310. It is stencilled 'pastel blue' in black.

Art deco lathe turned vase

An unusual seagull and celadon art deco vase. The lathe turned ridges are very distinctive. It measures 7 inches in height.

The base has the impressed Poole England mark and a hand incised 795. The glaze code is C67.

Pair of early Sylvan vases

An unusual pair of vases, measuring 5 inches in height. Glazed in an unusual Sylvan glaze, coded M6. It is a blue/grey colouring.

Clearly early pieces, they have the impressed Poole England mark and a hand incised 113. One has a handpainted M6 on the base.

Small Everest bowl

A lovely small Everest bowl measuring 6 inches in diameter.  The 4 bands of colour are ridged and are glazed in typical neutral tones.

The base bears the impressed Poole England mark and a hand incised 726X37.

Small Everest vase

An unusual and small (4 inch high) Everest vase. Glazed in a rich cream with incised bands in 3 neutral shades.

Has impressed Poole England mark to base and is stencilled Everest. Hand incised 764 X 27 and 767 to base.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Carafe in ice green

From the later 1950s this ice green carafe is shape number 589 the second of four sizes. Designed by Guy Sydenham and Alfred Read between 1953-1957 and hand thrown around that date.

Circular dish

Originally modelled in the 1930s this lovely, simple dish is glazed in shagreen and magnolia. It has a die stamped shape number 786 to base along with an impressed Poole England mark and the glaze code C65.

Shagreen and magnolia vase

This shagreen and magnolia vase is shape number 695- die stamped dating it to after 1947. It is clearly a design from an earlier period with its classic deco lines and simple form.

It has the impressed Poole England mark to the base and glaze code C65.

DNG pattern dinner service

This is an unusual pattern on an early 50s dinner service from Poole. Simple yet stylish, the pattern features sprigs of rosehips (or similar). On streamline flatware and marked with the early 1950s Poole mark, either side of the dolphin (1951-1955).

Hand painted pattern code /DNG painted on back of all pieces. Jean Baker's paintress mark.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sylvan posy

Sylvan posy vase glazed in Sylvan glaze M36. It has a hand incised 176 on the base and measures 9.25 inches across.

The Poole England mark is impressed to the base, this is a good early example from the early 1930s.

Contemporary vase 704

This shape is hard to find and is the larger of the two designs by Guy Sydenham and Alfred Read between 1953-1957. Glazed in ice green with an alpine white interior it has the circular Hand made Poole mark dating from the mid 1950s.

A simple, yet striking shape it is very evocative of the period.

Very large Dove handled vase

Made in a variety of sizes this vase is hard to find. This example is particularly unusual both for its size and age. It is an early example, dating form the 1930s with a hand incised 238 shape number. The impressed Poole England mark is found on the base along with the word 'shagreen' in black stencil.

It measures 15 inches from base to rim and the other proportions match. At its widest point the circumference measures approximately 36 inches! It is very heavy too. A rare show piece.

Triple branch candelabra

Designed in the early 1930s by John Adams this is an unusual pair of candelabra. They are glazed in an ice green glaze and feature moulded, stylised grapes and leaves.

With the impressed Poole England  mark and a hand incised 249 they are earlier examples of their type.

Cottees Auction

It was the twice yearly sale at Cottees in Wareham ( yesterday. As there were several interesting pieces I went down to the sale. It was good to see prices for contemporary and freeform pieces are holding up, Delphis and Aegean was proving difficult to sell.

I bought a few pieces which I'll post shortly- including an enormous vase, pictures of which can do no justice to the scale! Must have really taken some throwing!