Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tea for two

The Poole pottery breakfast-in-bed set was designed around 1938. This is a particularly unusual set as it is painted with Truda Carter's 'Leaping Deer' design, renamed 'Spring' in the 1950s.  This set dates from the 1950s. Notice it still has the tab finial/knop on the teapot.

It is marked Poole England with the dolphin in between. A stamp used from 1951-1955. JY/P is painted on the bottom, the pattern code for 'Spring'. JY/G being used on the green version of the pattern.


  1. How I envy you, I would love this set, it is beautiful

  2. I found a tea pot and milk jug in a charity shop but don't think there is much chance of completing the set!