Sunday, 22 November 2009

Pastel blue art deco jug

An unusual hand thrown jug dating from the early 1930s and glazed in pastel blue. It measures 6 inches in height.

It has the impressed Poole England mark to the base and a hand incised 310. It is stencilled 'pastel blue' in black.


  1. Hiya - I've looked all over the internet and your Poole jug seems to be the only similarly marked item that I can find to a vase that I have - also marked Pastel Blue but shape 237. I noticed this post on your blog is from 2009 - did you ever find anymore information about your jug? My email is if you did - I'd love some help as its a mystery to me

    1. I am assuming the number is scratched in to the base as the pastel blue colour was produced in the mid 1930s. The number in your case 237 is indeed the shape reference and may have been produced for some time, the colour helps to narrow the date range. There was pastel yellow and pink produced in the same period.